Mount Abu International  HAM Radio Club, MHRC [VU2BK] was established on 17th October, 2013 with ‘One World, One Family, One Communications’ as its prime motto. The licence (Licence Number 26213)  is governed by the Indian Wireless Telegraphs (Amateur Services) Rules, 1978. WPC, Ministry of Communication & IT.           

Since its formation, almost 125 HAM licence holders have come forward to join hands with us and became Global Family Member. We are proud to say that own a  fully equipped HAM radio station with digital mode.

We welcome each licence holder or HAM Radio aspirant who wishes to be part of Salvation Team to assist refugees during time of Emergency and Disaster. They can join by registering and completing necessary government formalities.

Advantages of HAM Radio

The society at large must be well protected. The protection given by the disaster management forces must be instant and immediate. Thus the disaster management crew must be well trained and equipped with the best appliances which might help them to communicate the condition they are in and the status of the calamity in the region they work for. Unlike commercial system, HAM Radio is not as dependent on terrestrial facilities that can fall during disaster. It is dispersed throughout a community without “choke points” such as cellular telephone sites that can be overloaded.