HAM Radio and Physically Handicapped – OM. Jayant (Jayu) S. Bhide VU2JAU, Gwalior


It is not easy for a person who is physically impaired, whether blind (partially or totally) or with any other disability, to enter the world of hamming. Physically handicapped persons face many problems that need to be overcome.

When I decided to work for physically impaired children, I wondered where I should start. After thinking about it for some time, I decided to find an institution where such children are present so that I could have sufficient time to decide the starting point.

Finally, I found an institution where 50 totally blind girls, ranging from third-standard pupils to college students, were living. It was an uphill task to teach them Morse code, but the girls had many good qualities:

  • They have very good
  • They have good
  • They have good grasping

I told them to use Braille for writing and reading. We observed that their brain worked faster than that most able-bodied people. They remember lessons for a long. I decided to teach them, Morse, because they wanted to learn English. By learning Morse code they would be able to improve their vocabulary and understand English better.

One must have an understanding of what is needed to

teach physically impaired people. The subject we choose must be of interest to them. The method of teaching must be simple to understand, and lastly, it requires your full devotion to teaching using simple and proper language that is easy to understand.

What we did

  • Started by explaining the basics of Morse code, which created interest in them.
  • Since they could only listen, not see, we started with “DIT” and “DAH”
  • We also asked them to use Braille to write and read, and it makes it easier for them to learn.
  • After they had learned a few letters, we taught them small and simple words in Morse It helped them to increase their word power.
  • Later we made small sentences that helped them learn English and grammar.

Once they had learned the complete alphabet in Morse code and were able to receive given sentences without any problem, we allowed them to use the Morse key for sending messages. It helps them memorize the Morse



It is one of our plans to take this hobby to the common

man who is interested but cannot afford it.

The first day started with an introduction to Morse signals but after it all the girls started learning very fast and, in 18 days, all the alphabet had been learned by heart. In the meantime, they all learned many English words and sentences. That improved their vocabulary and understanding of the language.

We observed that they had very good grasping power and, in 15 days, they had all learned Morse code, though of course their speed was slow. The results were encouraging and surprised everyone. All the girls were happy to learn a new language. It was a great


achievement for us.

  • We also set up a ham radio station in the institute for two days and the girls spoke to many children outside. They were happy to share their views on air with others Special attention was given to each and every girl so that they did not have any problems. They sang songs and poems, told jokes, and spoke about many things. We did a great job as every time we brought the girls near the microphone, we could see their faces breaking into a smile.

In my 42 years operating ham radio, I have come across very few physically impaired hams who are very active on the air.

  • A simple device enables sight-impaired hams to “read” an SWR meter by adjusting the transmitter/antenna tuner controls by comparing the pitch of two audio tones and bringing them as close as possible.


Chak (VU2TTC) is in action with his homemade ham radio. He is the blind genius of ham radio in India.


  • Similarly, a code practice oscillator having an LED indicator can be used to teach Morse code to people who cannot There are many circuits developed by HAMs that can be used to help physically disabled people and bring them into HAM Radio. We are trying to feel in the world of technology. I am sure this article will help our HAMs to work with a new vision.
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