World-wide amateur radio communication network, which is of utmost importance in Emergency Communications, Disaster Management, Civil defence & Welfare, self-training in Electronics & Communications, thus contributing to the welfare of the global community.

MHRC takes up the responsibility of arousing curiosity, progress and innovation in the citizens worldwide by training and empowering them in amateur radio communications, disaster management, career guidance related to fields influenced by amateur radio, and hence paving a path towards peace, harmony, international communications and friendships.

Aims & Objectives
a. To Promote amateur radio as a global resource.
b. To arouse curiosity and eagerness among youth worldwide by promoting amateur radio as a technical hobby.
c. To promote amateur radio as an asset to the handicapped and hence bringing joy in their lives.
d. To contribute to the growth of electronics industry in India.
e. To become a pioneer in a practical approach to disaster management in times of need.
f. To become an ideal platform for any government or social/cultural/ religious organization for guidance and support on HAM
g. To create an amateur radio communication network to support NGOs/Voluntary agencies and also government for supporting disaster management